Did You Know?

Did you know that we spend more than 90% of our lives indoors? The air you breathe can be filled with airborne viruses, allergens, bacteria, molds and other harmful toxic particles that pose a risk to your family’s health.

Bright Light Air easily installs into your home’s existing air conditioning system. As the air current flows over our technology, the charged positive and negative oxygen ions emitted are then dispersed throughout your household. Ions produced by Bright Light Air reduce certain viruses, bacteria, molds, pollutants, as well as odors, smoke, dust and allergens suspended in the air, creating a cleaner and safer indoor environment.

Safety through Science

Oxygen ions are molecules that contain an electrical charge. They are created in nature from the sun, lighting, crashing waves and other geothermal energies and continuously help clean the air.

Bright Light Air patented “green” technology generates the same ions nature creates and disperses them throughout your home.

3 Powerful Ways Bright Light Air Cleans your Home

Reduces Particles in the Air

Ions cluster around small particles suspended in the air causing them to increase in size through a process called agglomeration. Once particles are large enough, they can be easily swept away by the air current of your HVAC system and caught more effectively by your system’s filter.

Neutralizes certain viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold spores

Ions surround dangerous pathogens and create a chemical reaction that oxidizes and breaks down the outer protein membrane. Once the surface membrane is punctured, the pathogen is robbed of life-giving hydrogen and it can no longer reproduce, neutralizing and rendering it harmless.

Neutralizes Odors

Odorous gases and aerosols oxidize on contact with ions and are neutralized into carbon dioxide and water, resulting in fresher pure smelling air.

Product Certifications

Bright Light Air Bipolar Ionization Technology powered by EXP has undergone rigorous laboratory tests and has been approved by the most stringent regulatory bodies in the United States and Europe. Certified and validated under UL 867 and UL 2998 as ozone-free.

UL 867 Ozone Standard

UL 2998 Ozone-Free